January 12, 2015

Dad's Eggs and Bread

I remember my Dad making his famous Egg and Bread "mish mosh" when we were younger. He'd fill a mug with chopped up soft boiled egg and cubed toasted bread. Why deal with the burden of a knife and fork and the task of constantly monitoring your bread to egg ratio when you can spoon yolk-soaked bread and soft egg whites into your mouth? Over the recent holidays, my Dad made a big bowl of it for us and I was happy to take pictures of it on his sunlit marble counters.

January 5, 2015

Homemade Horchata

I finally attempted homemade Mexican horchata after weeks of guzzling my faux-horchata made with packaged rice milk. Mexican Horchata is a sweet, rice-based, cinnamon-y beverage. I love it over ice with tequila and a salty, limey Tajin rim. I whipped up this first batch for a New Year's Eve trip to a cabin in the Poconos with a bunch of friends. I'm happy to say that the whole jug was finished by the evening of January 1st. I enjoyed welcoming 2015 with a glass of cold horchata and tequila by the fire between rounds of karaoke, boardgames and feasts of pasta and tacos. Tall thin trees and a waterfall visible from the porch made an awesome backdrop.

December 8, 2014

Cold Ramen Salad with Egg

Noodles are one of the first foods on my mind once the weather reaches “Feels like 15 Degrees”. I love a hot bowl of thick, buttery ramen at Chucko Ramen in Prospect Heights or a pile of pad thai at Cheers Thai in Williamsburg. My brother’s been raving about Tasty Hand Pulled Noodles in Chinatown which I’m hoping to try soon. Here’s a cold noodle salad I made with some leftover ramen; it makes for an easy lunch. What's your favorite noodle shop?

December 1, 2014

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Cream Cheese Filling

The holidays are heading towards me at full speed so I'm making sure that I get a sufficient amount of baking and holiday movie watching into my schedule before it's time to kick the Christmas tree to the curb. I was going to make a sweet potato cheesecake for Thanksgiving, but was intimidated by the cheesecake water bath technique.

November 18, 2014


After eating my first bibimbap in Cambridge, Massachussets a few years ago,  I regretted that so much of my life had been bibimbap-less. Bibimbap is a Korean dish consisting of rice, assorted vegetables and a protein. It's typically served in a scalding hot stone bowl which cooks the bottom of the rice into golden brown crispiness. The bowl is usually topped with a raw egg that cooks when you push it against the hot stone. It's all eaten with gochujang paste or a gochujang-based sauce. Gochujang paste is a fermented Korean condiment made from red chili, glutinous rice, fermented soybeans and salt.