April 29, 2015

Avocado Fries

The avocado fries at Brooklyn restaurant, El Almacen, were the inspiration for this recipe. I had never had fried avocado before and was under the impression that avocado shouldn't be cooked. But apparently, it should definitely be breaded and fried. I hope my readers don't think that I bread and fry everything. I really don't. I do it just for you guys. Anyway, it's finally spring time and our porch is decorated with big, white, flower-filled planters, a white bench, white Adirondack-style chairs and maybe soon a white umbrella. Our porch might get invited to a P.Diddy party.

April 15, 2015

Turkey Bacon, Spinach and Smoked Cheese Egg Muffins

When I don’t have time to make breakfast at home, I end up eating a croissant and hot chocolate in front of my computer at work and feeling like I failed myself. I came across an article in Bon Appetit about the genius of egg muffins and thought they’d be a great way for me to get my morning protein all week long even when I hit the snooze button too many times.

March 24, 2015

Creamy Beans

Stop what you’re doing right now, go to your kitchen cabinet and find a can of black beans or pinto beans. If you do not have any, please go buy a can and come back home immediately. Make this recipe, take a spoonful, and join me in disbelief that canned beans can be so freaking good. We all know that butter makes everything better, but who knew that a pat of butter and some extra cooking time could transform a boring can of beans into beans that make you go “oh wow....oh WOW...no way!”

March 23, 2015

Crispy Pan Fried Fennel

I'm not sure why I've never breaded and pan fried fennel before now. Fennel is one of my favorite vegetables, and anything tastes ten times better when covered in bread and fried in oil. Since I'm going on a beach vacation in about nine weeks, I have to hold off on covering foods in bread and frying them in oil. But if your beach vacation has already passed, you should immediately buy a head of fennel and try this recipe, even if you don't like fennel.

March 14, 2015


I’m baaaaack. I really dropped the ball on this whole blog thing didn’t I? I’ve been eating boatloads of delivery pizza and salads from Chop’t lately and haven’t been cooking enough. I did make another round of salmon fritters but I certainly couldn’t post those again. But a recipe for Tamagoyaki has been staring me in the face for weeks and on a rainy Saturday I decided I was finally going to make it happen. Tamagoyaki is a Japanese egg log that is slightly sweet and totally fun to make and eat.